Mubobobo man suffers ‘permanent’ erection

Wilson Tshuma
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CLASH of the underworld powers!

A self-confessed habitual mubobobo user met his match when he tried having the “bluetooth” moment with a fenced woman.

Wilson Tshuma (72) from Binga experienced a swelling of his testicles as they grew in size rapidly like a condom filled with water. He began having painful and prolonged erection episodes that took most of his day.

“Last month I saw a beautiful woman and decided to do what I usually do (use mubobobo). Just when she was getting off the bus I went for it (sex) but when I was done, my balls started itching and I scratched them and in no time I saw them grow bigger and painful,” he said.

Tshuma’s history with mubobobo dates back to 2007 when his wife passed away. By admission he has had sex with many women in the area who have no idea about it.

“After my wife died 10 years ago I opted not to remarry but I really wanted to have sex with no commitment and so I bought this muthi from a Malawian sangoma,” he said.

However, his latest escapade has come back to haunt him and modern science failed to rescue him. He has since sought spiritual help.

“They (nurses) put ice blocks on my manhood and testicles. Swelling on the latter eased a bit but my penis couldn’t rest. I spent two weeks at the hospital and relatives requested that I should be discharged to look for other avenues,” he said.

Back home with the same problem, Tshuma retreated into a shell because his problem down there had become the talk of the village.  Even worse, the bulge in the groin area was hard to ignore.

“I couldn’t walk properly and I even tried tying my manhood to my left leg but the pain was so much that I cried within a minute of doing so,” he added.

Luckily, last week he got assistance from Johane Masowe weChishanu crusade that had visited Binga growth point.

“They prayed for me and now things are back to normal but I am scared of getting into a sexual relationship because the horror is still fresh in my mind,” he said.

Madzibaba Emanuel Mutumwa who is said to have assisted Tshuma declined to comment citing confidentiality.

However, he confirmed that he had been dealing with sexual deviance cases. – B-Metro