Zimbabwean caught with hammer in UK given asylum despite ‘dreadful record’ of 68 convictions for drugs, violence and blackmail

Ashley Maparura admitted possession of an offensive weapon in Corby. Image: National World
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A man who has a ‘dreadful’ record of dozens of serious convictions for drugs and violence has appeared before the courts yet again.

Zimbabwean Ashley Simbarashe Maparura, 34, was before Northampton Crown Court this week on weapons charges, where it was revealed that he was recently granted leave to remain in the UK despite the horrifying list of offences he has admitted to.

The court was told that Maparura has 68 previous convictions committed across several counties.

At about 1.50am On February 16 this year CCTV operators in Corby spotted two men behind the shops in Gainsborough Road, Corby.

Maparura, of Nether Jackson Court, Northampton, was carrying a hammer and his pal Reece Cruickshank was carrying a wrench.

Operators followed the men on their screens as they caused a ‘commotion’. They were then seen running away from the scene.

Initially Maparura and his companion were accused of an attempted robbery but the victim declined to co-operate with the investigation so only charges of possession of offensive weapons were brought before the court. He gave a no comment interview to police.

Proseucting, Carrie-Ann Garness also told His Honour Judge Rupert Mayo about a separate offence committed in February 2023, for which the defnendant fell to be sentenced.

During that incident was arrested on other matters and was found to be carrying a twisted cigarette between in penis and testicles containing heroin and cocaine for personal use.

He has an unenviable list of offences on his record, including robbery, supplying and smuggling drugs and drug dealing, committed across several different counties.

The court heard that he was found guilty of knife possession in 2017. He also has five convictions for failing to comply with court orders.

Back in 2018 Maparura was jailed for 16 weeks for shoplifting and cannabis possession. While serving that sentence he was again jailed for an alarming attack on a motorist at the roadside. He was said to have hit the motorist with a hammer but he denied that element of the charge.

He was also convicted of possession of cocaine in 2019.

In July 2019 Maparura caused a major incident at Curry’s in Kettering after he stole two vacuum cleaners then poured a clear substance outside the store, which turned out to be an incapacitant spray. He was jailed for a year.

In 2020 he was jailed again for smuggling drugs into a detention centre.

Source: Northernhampshire Telegraph