Zanu PF says unfazzed by Chamisa’s election boycott threat

Christopher Mutsvangwa
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HARARE – Zanu PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa has said the ruling party is unfazed by reported threats by the opposition CCC leader Mr Nelson Chamisa to boycott the forthcoming elections saying any such withdrawal would push the beleaguered opposition party into oblivion and irrelevance.

Mutsvangwa said there was no question of the electoral field being tilted in favour of the ruling party as the opposition outfit was baselessly claiming, adding that the only plausible reason for the boycott would be the avoidance of an embarrassing and punishing defeat by the revolutionary party. 

Responding to inquiries on what the ruling party made of Mr. Chamisa’s alleged threat, Ambassador Mutsvangwa said: “He can boycott to political oblivion . . . that way he avoids punishing loss from an electorate that has long dismissed him as a leader of a party fractured to smithereens. 

“Whichever way, Chamisa has destroyed the party Morgan Tsvangirai built.

“All said, Chamisa is just an organisational mess. Best he sticks to preaching and abandons politics to the seasoned Zanu PF.”

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said it was imprudent for Chamisa to seek to besmirch Zimbabwe’s electoral process and impeccable democratic record by withdrawing from the polls on flimsy grounds.

“The whims of a Chamisa bereft of lieutenants and accosted by cheer jesters cannot be allowed to hijack the impeccable democratic credentials of President ED Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF party. After all, supremacy  rests with the electorate and not the contestants, no matter how much they get miffed.” Reports in some sections of the media yesterday said Chamisa was planning to boycott the elections on the basis that key institutions supporting democratic processes such as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the Judiciary were biased in favour of Zanu PF.

The ruling party has however indicated that it will continue on its campaign trail as it targets a landslide win in next month’s elections.

Mr Chamisa’s reported stance contradicts preliminary findings by foreign election observer groups which have said preparations for the polls have so far gone on smoothly.

The European Union (EU), the African Union (AU), COMESA, SADC, through its chair the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the chair of the  Organ Troika Namibia, have all expressed their confidence in Zimbabwe’s electoral processes and readiness. 

The AU’s senior advisor, governance, and peace-building in the office of the commissioner for political affairs, peace, and security, Ambassador William Awinador-Kanyirige, who led a mission in the country said Zimbabwe was demonstrating democracy at the highest level and current indications were pointing to successful polls.  

“We are getting a strong impression that Zimbabwe is ready to make sure that this election is not only properly conducted but that it is also peaceful and that is very encouraging,” he said.

The EU observer mission’s deputy chief Dr Beata Martin-Rozumilowicz who is presently in the country said the bloc was confident that Zimbabwe would do things the right way hence there would be no need to interfere in its electoral processes. 

Sadc’s Electoral Advisory Council’s Chairperson Judge Ticheme Likhwa Dlamini said Zimbabwe was “geared and ready” for the polls. 

In its capacity as chair of the Sadc Organ Troika, Namibia, represented by its Charge d’Affairs Ms Zemha Gawahas, said member states were happy with the structures put in place by relevant stakeholders to ensure seamless elections. – Herald