Zanu PF says it has welcomed over 400 MDC Alliance defectors

Chinamasa Patrick
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MORE than 400 MDC Alliance supporters in Manicaland, among them former MPs and councillors, who recently defected to Zanu PF were today welcomed in the revolutionary ruling party.

Former Zengeza West legislator Simon Chidhakwa, Mutare Ward Two councillor Pamela Mutare, former Chipinge Town Council chairman Chadamoyo Machingura and other opposition activists known in Manicaland were among those who have officially defected to Zanu PF.

In his keynote address at a meeting held in Mutare to officially welcome the new members, Politibro member who is also acting commissar, Cde Patrick Chinamasa, said the developmental work being carried out by the new political dispensation led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa speaks for itself.

“It is clear that people are seeing roads being repaired, dams being constructed and all the developmental work that President Mnangagwa has done in the few years that he has been in office. The good works his astute leadership has done is there for all to see.

“Therefore, we are not surprised to see MDC Alliance supporters making up their mind to come back home. I really want to welcome you and promise you that as a party we are ready to work with you to develop our nation. Our President has said this country can only be developed by its rightful owners and we are its rightful owners. No one will come from elsewhere in this world to develop Zimbabwe,” said Chinamasa.

Speaking during the same function, former Ward Two councillor Mutare said they have come to Zanu PF to stay and contribute to the country’s development agenda.

“As former MDC Alliance members, we regret having spent our time following people who are busy amassing wealth for themselves and denigrating the country. We are joining Zanu PF because we have been enlightened. We really want to thank all comrades that helped us walk this journey.

“All we are now focused on is the development agenda of the ruling Zanu PF party. We are keen to play our part and we hope we will also be given the necessary support that we need to play our part effectively, ” said Mutare.