Wicknell Chivhayo donates new car and US$100,000

Caption St Gerard’s Parish head Priest Father Mark Chikuni and business man Wicknell Chivayo with other church members at the vehicle handover ceremony recently
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HARARE – Controversial Harare businessman Wicknell Chivayo has made a generous donation to the Catholic Church’s St Gerard’s Parish in memory of his late mother.

The donation includes a brand-new Toyota Hilux D4D vehicle, a home solar system, and US$100,000 in cash. The vehicle was purchased for US$40,000 from Exquisite Cars in the city.

Chivayo’s mother was a member of St Gerard’s Parish for 20 years, and the donation is a tribute to her. In response to the gesture, St Gerard’s Parish Priest, Fr Mark Chikuni, expressed his gratitude and mentioned that the funds would be used to construct a prayer and meeting room for members of Chivayo’s Mother’s sacred heart guild.

Additionally, part of the funds will go towards completing projects at the church’s International Shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Charlotte Brooke, Harare.

Fr Chikuni wrote to Chivayo, expressing the hope that he would one day visit the sacred shrine and witness how his mother has been immortalized. He also referred to the scriptures, encouraging selfless givers like Chivayo to find inspiration in the teachings of St Paul in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7, emphasizing the importance of generous giving.

Chivayo, known for his philanthropy, previously gifted his church leader, Lawrence Lavious Katsiru, and Katsiru’s wife Violet with two new off-road Toyota vehicles as Easter gifts—a 2023 Hilux GR Sport and a 2023 Fortuner VX, worth a total of US$162,000. Chivayo is a long-time member of the Johane Masowe eChishanu apostolic church.