ZRP transfers 228 cops as smuggling hits Beitbridge

BEITBRIDGE – The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has carried out a significant transfer of officers following the arrest of five police officers over an R54,000 smuggling bribe.

In one of the largest transfers, all 217 police officers from Beitbridge Rural and 11 from Beitbridge CID have been moved. Among those transferred are four officer-in-charges, and the officers are required to report to their new stations by Tuesday of the following week.

The transferred officers, who have only been stationed in Beitbridge for a year, expressed concerns about the logistics of moving their properties and families to new stations.

Some officers also cited low salaries as a hindrance to the relocation process. Additionally, there are concerns about transferring children in the middle of the school term.

Sources indicate that the ZRP initiated the massive transfers due to alarm over the level of corruption at the Beitbridge Border Post. However, National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi downplayed the corruption allegations, stating that the transfers were routine and aimed at job rotation and addressing the needs of different areas.

While some insiders commend the Police Commissioner for taking decisive action, there are allegations that the transfers were prompted by corrupt activities.

The affected officers have been given a deadline to report to their new stations by specific dates in June and July of this year.