‘We Take Good Care Of Zimbabweans’ – Chinese Envoy mocks the British

Chinese envoy to Zimbabwe, Zhao Baogang
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The Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe, Zhao Baogang said China is taking good care of Zimbabwean citizens residing in his country and as a result, not a single one of them has died of the novel coronavirus.

In a direct dig on the United Kingdom, Zhao tweeted on Friday morning, saying 29 Zimbabweans have died of COVID-19 in Britain while none has died in China. He wrote:

No Zimbabweans died in China due to COVID- 19. We take good care of them. 29 Zimbabweans die of Covid-19 in UK.

Zhao’s remarks follow a report by a local daily publication which said that at least 29 Zimbabweans living in Britain have died of COVID-19, mostly nurses and other medical staff.

The Zimbabwean Embassy in London said it has gathered information from the Diaspora community and religious leaders, cluster leaders, affected individuals and the media, on Zimbabweans who have passed on due to COVID-19