Watch video: Family wakes up to clothes lined up to grave

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The Nyimo community in Sanyati has been left dumbfounded after one family woke up to find clothes and other household  property strewn and lined up to a graveyard.

The family testified to have had a terrifying experience this week after hearing screams of invisible beings in the night before waking up the following morning to find their clothes lined up in a linear formation to the graveyard.

Reports from Sanyati say the family, which has been identified, from Chipanera village in ward 10 under Chief Neuso area, also found ashes sprinkled and heaped on the veranda of a house that was occupied the previous night.

A blanket which was part of the paraphernalia ejected from the homestead’s two houses, was found covering a grave of a deceased member of the concerned family who died some 5 months ago.

By the side of the same grave was a television set.