100, some in Mnangagwa regalia evicted from farm in Bromley

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Former workers at Mashonaland East Tobacco Graders at Subdivision H of Whiteside in Bromley have been evicted by the new owner of the farm in a dispute that has raged on for years.

The ownership wrangle of the farm, which has gone on for close to seven years between the former workers and new owner, Samson Chaukura continues with the eviction of 100 families from the compound.

When State media arrived at the farm, some of the families were removing their belongings in the presence of police and the Messenger of Court.

100 evicted from farm in Bromley

There was drama at one of the homesteads when one woman threatened to axe the Messenger of Court after pleas from her elderly mother to be spared from her home of more than four decades fell on deaf ears.

“I have lived here for close to 40 years and I don’t know why you want to evict me today after so many years,” Gogo Brown said.

Some of the evicted families are appealing to the government to find a lasting solution to the dispute.

“We don’t know our crime as we have lived at this farm for years, only for someone to come claiming to be the owner of this land,” said Ms Careen Chabuda.

“What is happening shows that if you don’t have money you are nothing. We appeal to the government to help resolve this issue so that we live peacefully,” Tendai Kamando said.

The new owner, Samson Chauruka said the families have no right to be at the farm as he bought the farm from its former owners long back.

“I could not evict these people because of political interference during that time and I have lost many years of production,” he said.

The families have been evicted using a 2015 eviction order which they appealed against at the High Court on the 26th of June this year but was ruled as not urgent.