War Vets to hold summit to topple Robert Mugabe

Douglas Mahiya
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VETERANS of the liberation struggle will convene a gathering in Harare at Gwanzura stadium in what Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Douglas Mahiya is an indaba that could define the “course of history”.

Mahiya said the association will seek a mandate from its members and Zimbabweans in general on how to “deal with the old man (Mugabe)”.

“We want war veterans to agree on how to deal with the old man. The association wants to get guidance from war veterans. They must tell us if we have strayed and sold out the ideal of the struggle by demanding a clear succession plan from Mugabe,” Mahiya said.

According to Mahiya, the Gwanzura meeting is likely to be held on November 3 “depending on police clearance”.

Despite the fact that the top executive of the war veterans was expelled from Zanu PF, Mahiya said the former fighters are firmly involved in Zanu PF politics.

The War veterans have demanded that Mugabe hands over power to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa but tables have turned with First Lady Grace now demanding that the Midlands political godfather be expelled from the ruling party.

“Zanu PF’s umbilical cord with the masses is through the war veterans so it would be folly for anyone to suggest that we do not have a say in what happens in that party.

“If indeed Mugabe does not want war veterans to be part of the party, he must drop the PF (Patriotic Front) part to the name. PF belongs to war veterans, Mugabe was never at the war front and never part of the Patriotic Front,” the combative Mahiya said.

With Grace having mocked Mnangagwa declaring she did not consider him important “because he got a job from my husband” Mahiya hit back.

“Our wives, the wives of war veterans are now saying Mugabe was given a job by their husbands and we now want to see how Grace can be First Lady if we take away her husband’s job,” he said.

Mugabe and the former fighters have clashed over the intriguing Zanu PF succession issue and the upcoming extra-ordinary congress could prove Mnangagwa, nicknamed the “Crocodile” by his adversaries’ waterloo.

Mahiya said the war veterans with support from “the people” will also assess Zanu PF’s proposal for an elective congress in December.

“We would want to take an assessment of the congress and see whether it has been called to solve the country’s crisis or a personal problem,” he said. – NewsZim