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Married woman caught pants down ….. Boyfriend thoroughly beaten by neighbours

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A MUTARE man who was caught having quality time with a married woman in her matrimonial bedroom was on Monday afternoon beaten by an angry mob until he lost consciousness and was left lying in a pool of blood.

Cosmas Matarise, alias Amupositori, of Natview high-density suburb, was caught in a compromising position with Menina Manjoro (31), around 1300hrs after the woman’s suspicious hubby, John Mangere (37), who had left home on the pretext that he was travelling to Mozambique, returned halfway through the journey only to discover a suitor enjoying the forbidden fruit. Manjoro and Mangere, who stay at house number 2893, Hobhouse 3, have been married for 16 years.

Six used condoms were recovered scattered in the bedroom. Matarise tried to escape from the bedroom semi-naked, but could not last the distance with an infuriated Manjoro in hot pursuit. After being dragged back into the house, Matarise and Manjoro teamed up to attack Mangere, forcing him to scream for help from the neighbours, who responded swiftly to the scene to investigate and eventually turned Matarise into a punch bag.

Menina looks unfazed

When The Weekender arrived at the couple’s house, Matarise was lying naked and unconscious in a pool of blood outside the house. He was also bleeding profusely from a deep cut above the right eye after being allegedly attacked by tiles, clinched fists, booted feet and a horse pipe. Manjoro remained holed up in the bedroom, fearing the worst for her alleged disgraceful escapades.

Mangere said: “I went out early in the morning with plans to go to Mozambique to buy second-hand shoes for resale, but when I was at Forbes Border Post, something came up and I returned to Sakubva Flea Market with a view to travelling to Mozambique tomorrow (Tuesday).

“When I got to Sakubva, there were police officers everywhere and I decided to go home.

John Mangere

I found the door locked, with the keys inside, and when I peeped through the bedroom window, I was shocked to see Matarise and my wife having sexual intercourse,” he said.

“I forcibly opened the main door and Matarise tried to escape, but I pursued and dragged him back into the house. I wanted to solve the matter amicably but Matarise grabbed my neck while my wife grabbed by private parts. I sensed danger, and screamed for help and my neighbours came to my rescue,” said Mangere.

An unremorseful Manjoro said she was revenging for her husband’s alleged infidelity for the 16 years they had been married. She also boasted that Matarise gives her sexual gratification compared to Mangere.

A crowd gathers around a semi-naked and unconscious Matarise

“He knows how to satisfy a woman compared to Baba Fayie (her husband). This is not the first time, yes, he has caught me in action before, and so what,” Manjoro said rhetorically.

“My husband used to bring girlfriends into our matrimonial bedroom and would force me to sleep on the floor while they enjoyed themselves on our bed. I never liked it and since what goes around comes around, he is now bitter that I have brought another man into that same bedroom. It’s an eye for an eye,” she said.

“My parents warned him way back that he would suffer the consequences of his adultery and now he is feeling the pinch. I do not care anymore because he is the one who started it all. He is the one who destroyed this marriage long back. We once separated and when I came back I thought we would be fine but things got worse. I am staying with him for the sake of my two children, not for love,” said Manjoro.

Police rushed Matarise to Mutare Provincial Hospital where he was admitted. -Manica Post