Sikhala Responds To Chiwenga’s Attack On Chamisa

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Job Sikhala has called Vice President, General (retired) Constantino Chiwenga a liar and one of the people responsible for Zimbabwe’s problems.

Sikhala also disputed Chiwenga’s claims that he was suffering from a skin disease, claiming that the Vice President was using skin lightening chemicals instead. Sikhala, who was responding to Chiwenga’s attack on Chamisa said,

We have heard …Chamisa speak about our programme of action when we form the next government but then we have people like Chiwenga who dismisses that as lies yet we know he and others of his ilk are the worst liars and only yesterday he lied that he had contracted a disease that now makes him as light as a coloured after Operation Restore Legacy when it is clear that he used Ambi (skin lightening lotion).

Sikhala who is an aspiring MDC Member of Parliament for Zengeza West was speaking at a rally.

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