Chihuri Used Mafia-Style Tactics To Squeeze Every Drop Of Blood, Sweat, Money – Arrested Cops Tell Court

Zimbabwe Police Commissioner Chihuri

William Katayi, 37, and Donation Dube, 32, two police officers who are facing charges of extorting motorists of $1660 during highway patrols are claiming that the ZRP cannot bring charges against them.

They are arguing that the ZRP and former commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri looted money from the people of Zimbabwe and do not have the legal standing to bring charges against them.

The two of them are arguing that the authorities are approaching the court with dirty hands. In their court papers, the two policemen say,

…The police force and, in particular, one … Chihuri who was the commissioner-general of the police acted like the Italian Godfather and using mafia-style squeezed every drop of blood, sweat and money from unsuspecting citizens. He was committing an illegality in this case and this honourable tribunal should not entertain such mafia conduct…

The truth be told, the act of the former commissioner-general border on the satanic side of conduct, in essence, he was sucking blood from the struggling masses.

…This money was collected fraudulently from motorists hence the police approached the court with dirty hands on this matter because they were stealing from the public.

The books are not sanctioned by the law and the real owners of the money are the offenders, not the police. The police have no locus standi.

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