Secret to longevity, Granny (103) shares secret

Gogo Esinath Dondo
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Gogo Esinath Dondo, a 103-year-old woman from Zimbabwe, has witnessed significant changes throughout her life.

She has seen the transformation of education, with Zimbabwe becoming one of the countries in Africa with a high literacy rate.

She has also observed the decay of Zimbabwean culture and social fabric. Despite these changes, Gogo Dondo believes there is still much to see, especially with the advancements in technology.

Gogo Dondo, who had a strong work ethic, raised five children with her late husband. Even after her husband’s passing, she remained strong and hard-working, believing that a mother never tires of providing for her children. She celebrated her 103rd birthday surrounded by family and friends, grateful for her long life.

Born in Chivhu, Mashonaland East Province, in 1920, Gogo Dondo attributes her longevity to traditional meals, such as sadza (a staple food made from maize) and relish. She encourages people to embrace traditional meals, as they are not only healthy but also affordable. Gogo Dondo is in good health, without high blood pressure or diabetes, and she still has good eyesight and hearing.

In addition to good food, Gogo Dondo believes that good character and behavior contribute to a long life. She advises against engaging in harmful activities like prostitution and robbery, emphasizing the importance of leading a moral life. Gogo Dondo takes pride in instilling strong moral beliefs in her children, who she believes are passing them on to their own offspring.

Gogo Dondo’s daughter describes her as a hard-working woman and a fountain of knowledge. She worked tirelessly, including engaging in cross-border trading, to support her family and provide for their education. Her daughter praises her mother’s positive attitude and encourages speaking kind words.

Gogo Dondo’s children include Trynos, Winnifrida, Joyce, Joshua, and Alice. She is regarded as a remarkable woman and a gift to the world. Her longevity, strong character, and wisdom are sources of inspiration to her family and community.