Police beat up ruling party Zanu PF supporters following opposition member’s murder

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Zanu PF supporters in Tanaka were on the receiving end of police brutality after alleged riot police officers popularly known as ‘black boots’ invaded the area beating up people under the cover of darkness on Wednesday.

The alleged incident follows the murder of opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Tinashe Chitsunge by suspected Zanu PF supporters.

Tanaka is predominantly inhabited by Zanu PF supporters who were allocated residential stands by the ruling party.

According to sources, some people were seeking temporary shelter at relatives’ places after the incident.

As early as 8am, police had already started patrolling the area.

“The black boots came yesterday (Wednesday) at night and went about beating up people,” said the source.

“We were fortunate not to have been part of those beaten. I have since decided to go to my aunt’s house for a few days until the situation here subsides,” the source added.

Some residents said they were afraid to comment on the issue.

Police have so far arrested 10 people in connection with the murder of Chitsunge, while CCC leader Nelson Chamisa condemned the gruesome murder.

Chamisa called on the police to effect arrests and bring the perpetrators to justice.

“Peace to all the citizens. Police do your job,” said Chamisa.

In an updated statement, police said the 10 are now in custody and were assisting the authorities with investigations.

“Reference is made to the Glen Norah violence which occurred on 03/08/23 resulting in the death of Tinashe Chitsunge.

“ZRP confirms that 10 suspects have now been arrested and are assisting the Police with investigations,” read the statement.

According to eyewitnesses, Chitsunge was brutally attacked by suspected Zanu PF supporters while going to a rally at Tanaka grounds.

The rally had been sanctioned by the police, however, some Zanu PF supporters overrode the authorities and took over the ground.

CCC is said to have engaged the police who displaced the Zanu PF crowds but were overrun resulting in the ruling party supporters brutally attacking Chitsunge. – Newzim