Outrage over Job Sikhala’s ‘primitive’ statements

Job Sikhala
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Former MDC-T legislator, Jessie Majome has expressed through disappointment with an abusive tweet sent out by Job Sikhala on the rape accusations against Nelson Chamisa.

Posting a picture of the supposed rape accuser, Sikhala asked his followers on Twitter if, given her physical appearance, they would rape the woman even if they found her naked. Sikhala deleted the tweet but not before it had been captured as a screenshot.

To make matters worse, it was later revealed that the woman in the picture was not the rape accuser.

Said Majome:

As a member of Zimbabwe Lawyers For Human Rights I’m thoroughly disappointed that 1 touted as a human rights lawyer because of representing suspected shutdown rioters & looters would say this. It puts our ZLHR into disrepute -women’s rights are human rights. Dignity & respect pse

After a Twitter user responded that Sikhala was supposed to “answer to the bar for this sickening tweet”, Majome expanded:

… you’re right, it also puts even the wider legal profession into disrepute. When we’re registered as legal practitioners we take an oath to uphold the laws of Zimbabwe, so for 1 to condone rape by men, to normalize that crime as if men habitually & occasionally rape is bad.

She said further:

As a lawyer he should know that he is possibly liable for civil suit, whatever the merits or demerits of her alleged report. I read somewhere that there are issues of mental health involved – it gets even worse for him. He’s denigrating all women as fodder for rape.

Following the discovery that Sikhala had posted a picture of a woman not involved at all in the issue, Majome said:

If we all just respect every woman’s, man’s dignity we’d avoid this gaffe. Const Sec 51’ Every person has inherent dignity in their private and public life, & the right to have that dignity respected and protected’ Sad that an MP & lawyer has fuelled the misogyny in this thread.

Source: Pindula