Mzembi reveals more on Jonathan Moyo’s spin on Mnangagwa-military ouster plot

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THE notorious Military Intelligence Department is behind reports of a looming coup in Zimbabwe, former Cabinet Minister and President of the People’s Party Dr Walter Mzembi said.

In a seemingly revelation that outed Prof Jonathan Moyo, former Toursim Minister Walter Mzembi was responding to reports that the military has instructed  President Emmerson Mnangagwa to leave power.

Prof Moyo has been at the forefront of tweeting on military involvement in the alleged attempt oust Mnangagwa.

“Stories about Mnangagwa resigning, Chiwenga taking over or another coup in the making, are cooked by the MID as mental games to keep a nation hopeful about change, should be dismissed with contempt and seen as part of continuing mental slavery of a people,” Mzembi said.

Cde Setfree Mafukidze@cdesetfree

This is not happening,we all need to stop this obsession with these fake stories,Mnangagwa is not the resigning type as is the norm in ZANU PF.He does not see reason to resign and he will never see any such reason just like Mugabe used to do resignation can only come after a couP.

Open Space@OpenSpaceZW

Mnangagwa to resign, Chiwenga to finish his term
According to high level military and diplomatic sources, the country’s security chiefs under the auspices of the Joint Operations Command (JOC), recently agreed to elevate their former boss Chiwenga to the presidency.. @ZimEye

Walter Mzembi@waltermzembi

Stories about Mnangagwa resigning , Chiwenga taking over or another coup in the making , are cooked by the MID as mental games to keep a nation hopeful about change , should be dismissed with contempt & seen as part of continuing mental slavery of a people

His statements come a few days after Professor Jonathan Moyo said the army had given Mnangagwa an offer to leave the office.

Moyo claimed Mnangagwa wants at least US$10 million, immunity from prosecution and a “presidential status that includes a modest motorcade.”

VaChihera DemiZiwewera@DemiZiwewera

@ZECzim @ZACConline @HeraldZimbabwe @ZANUPF_Official please note I’m not attacking e Judgment, just preemptying it. My worry is the involvement of the MID in the judgement n planned aftermath. Zim Courts are no longer independent @usembassyharare @BBCNews @TimoOlkkonen @euinzim

Walter Mzembi@waltermzembi

Intel spot on – unfortunately this is the new normal , MID serves the interests of a Military State and their bearing on the Judiciary means we are under Martial law, a veil of democracy misleads even those who should know better like @TimoOlkkonen @euinzim

“Mnangagwa has been warm to such a deal, since his Kwekwe chat with Chiwenga but his cronies and cartelists (sic) are not happy with it. Already, the likes of Kuda Tagwirei have become regular if not daily visitors at State House with whispers that they are assessing possible arrangements and budgets for Glens and Biddulphs removal options, should an emergency arise for Mnangagwa and family to quickly exit State House in a negotiated departure,” Moyo claimed in the interview.

Source – Byo24