Linda Masarira blasts Chamisa for refering to CCC internal infighting as Constititional Crisis

Linda Masarira, (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)
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HARARE – Linda Masarira, the leader of the opposition party LEAD, on Tuesday attacked Nelson Chamisa the President of the Citizens Coalition For Change for describing his own party’s internal infighting as a national constitutional crisis.

Ms Masarira said: “Chamisa seems to be high on steroids. What constitutional crisis is he talking about when he has never observed constitutionalism in his entire political career.


“A whole lawyer who purports to run a political party wants to summon the world to a non-existent constitutional crisis, which he has created in his mind. In his press conference, he purported that CCC has a constitution, which we all know is false. Constitutions are public documents.”

Writing on her Twitter account, the LEAD leader said: “There is nothing like a secret constitution anywhere under the sun. It is evidently clear that there is a constitutional crisis in the CCC loose movement/secret society.

“In fact, Chamisa has always tried to avoid a constitution or any legally binding document. It is misleading for him to talk about a National Constitutional Crisis at a time when it is public knowledge that it is he who has no regard or observance of a constitution a scenario that has landed him in this mess.

The country has no time for kindergarten politics.”