Jonathan Moyo Ran Away And Left His Family In The Custody Of A 93-Year Old: Charamba

Charamba George
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Presidential spokesperson George Charamba has claimed that when things got tough, Professor Jonathan Moyo abandoned his family an left it in the custody of 93-year old former President Robert Mugabe. Charamba was speaking on CapitalkFM responding to Moyo’s interview on BBC Hardtalk.  Charamba claimed that Mugabe said:

We don’t even know how to handle this large family that he’s left in our hands…

Sunday Mail Columnist Bishop Lazarus also made the same allegations. Said the Bishop on Sunday:

Prof Moyo also wants to preach to us about being “unAfrican”. Kikikiki! Imi professor kwanai mhani. Akukwane wena mdala Jontso!

Prof Moyo is not qualified to preach to us about being “unAfrican”. There is no African man who abandons his wife and kids when in trouble. African men stand for and with their wives and kids in times of trouble. But what did the professor do during Operation Restore Legacy? He dumped his wife, a foreigner for that matter, and his kids at former President Mugabe’s house. Leaving even a mentally challenged son in the care of a 93-year-old man? Hakuna baba vakadaro muAfrica.

You can listen to the interview here