Audio: “This is a bitter, bitter defeated politician”: Charamba Responds To Hardtalk Interview

George Charamba and Jonathan Moyo
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President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson, George Charamba has dared Professor Jonathan Moyo to come back home to face the law if he has no fears about corruption.

Moyo is in self-imposed exile in an unknown country after he fled  Zimbabwe when the Zimbabwe Defence Forces launched Operation Restore Legacy in November 2017. In an interview with Zeinab Badawi on BBC Hardtalk, Moyo claimed that the charges against him were based on political persecution and not on criminal activities.

Responding to claims that Moyo feared for his life, Charamba told CapitalkFM said that Moyo “is suffering from fears of his own making.” Charamba also claimed that legitimacy is not derived from a bitter professor. Moyo had claimed that Mnangagwa had come to power through a bullet and not through the ballot. Moyo also claimed that Mnangagwa is afraid of elections and that he had visited opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, in order to negotiate to put off elections for the next three years.

The presidential spokesperson also said that the media was giving too much credence to Moyo.  You can listen to the audio below: