Jonathan Moyo goes for broke; says soldiers won Lupane by-election for Zanu PF

Prof. Jonathan Moyo

Professor Jonathan Moyo has alleged that ZANU PF won the recently held by-election in Lupane through deploying thousands of soldiers who are acting as Heritage Officers.

Posting on Twitter Moyo said, ” Zanu PF won the Lupane East by-election? Let’s get the bearings right Cdes. ZanuPF sweated to RETAIN Lupane East via intimidation & blackmail from embedded soldiers  and Obadiah Moyo bribery!”

When questioned the authenticity of his claim Moyo said, “Ignore it for all you want. But 2,000 soldiers were embedded in rural areas before the coup and the numbers ballooned to 5,000 after the coup, in the runup to the 2018 general election. The embedded soldiers are now known as Heritage Officers. Again, you can ignore it as you want!”

Social analyst Miriam Mutizwa accused Prof Moyo of using the same strategy to win the Tsholotsho by-election after he was defeated by Rosemary Nkomo of MDC.

“Is this how you retained Tsholotsho prof as Zanu MP? Is this not a sticking point in the elction game that Zanu is more active on the ground and works for its seats without being divided unlike mdc which is the most disintegrated political party i hv ever known?” Mutizwa Said.

ZANU PF has been known to use state machinery to win the elections. In 2008 the army was used to wage a violent crackdown on opposition MDC supporters.