Land sold for beer, sadza

Sydney Nyagomo
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A contentious dispute over land inheritance has reached the community court of Chief Mutasa, embroiling a developer accused by deprived relatives of acquiring land unfairly from their late parents.

The Nyagomo family has lodged accusations against Gift Mufakose, claiming he obtained land from their late uncle, Julius, in a transaction they deem dubious. According to Sydney Nyagomo, representing the family, Mufakose allegedly procured the land by providing beer and sadza to Julius over two decades, an arrangement they consider unjust and exploitative.

Julius passed away in 2021, prompting his family to demand the return of the disputed land. Nyagomo argued that the transaction deprived them of their rightful inheritance, asserting that Julius’ children and other family members were supposed to inherit the land occupied by Mufakose since 2003.

Claiming that the land has been a family asset for generations, Nyagomo insisted on its return, emphasizing the financial hardships faced by Julius’ surviving children. He recounted past attempts to address the issue, including legal action during Julius’ lifetime, which was halted after he attempted suicide.

Mufakose refuted the allegations, asserting that he had legitimately purchased the land with his own funds and denied engaging in any exploitative practices. Despite presenting evidence to support his claim, the dispute persisted, leading to a series of legal battles and appeals.

Chief Mutasa advised the Nyagomo family to pursue dialogue with Mufakose to seek a resolution, suggesting a potential allocation of land to Julius’ children as a compromise.

In response, Mufakose expressed willingness to engage in dialogue, provided it is conducted peacefully and constructively.

As tensions linger and legal avenues exhaust, the dispute underscores the complexities surrounding land inheritance and the challenges of resolving such disputes within local communities.