Impala Car Rental gives to the needy in Domboshava

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A 27-year-old Domboshawa woman Gloria Dzorwa who has never walked in her life as she was born with a spinal dysfunction before being left in the custody of relatives after her father dumped her when her mother died when she was just seven is now set to go to school for the first time and pursue her dreams following a wheelchair donation by a local car rental company.

The hand-propelled wheelchair was sourced by Impala Car Rental through its Alfred Dondo Foundation.

“This wheelchair is going to help me pursue my dreams. I have always wanted to go to school but I have not been able to do so. But now that I have this wheelchair, I will get to start getting some education so that I can have something to do on my own,” Dzorwa said.

Deprived of family love at the age of just seven when her mother died, hers is a story of torment, pain and misery.

Soon after he mother’s death, his father immediately afterwards took his other three able-bodied children, left for Mozambique and has never been seen ago.

But his own younger brother and his wife, having a heart of gold, took custody of the girl and for 20 years, they have had to take shifts to carry her from one place to the other as she is completely immobile.

She has not been able to go to school either.

Their fortunes, however, took a turn for the better last Friday when they, for the first time, received a wheelchair donation for the first time from Impala Car Rental through Alfred Dondo Foundation

Gloria’s foster mother, Skeva Rubero, could not hold back her tears as she received the wheelchair and some groceries for their upkeep.

Rubero tears were a testimony of how life has been unbearable for Gloria who had to crawl around the yard as she literally never almost went elsewhere.

She together with her husband Arthur Dzora took over the guardianship of the child after his father dumped her and left for Mozambique.

“She had no wheelchair and going around was a major challenge,” narrated Dzora as she wiped away tears.

“Life has not been easy for her because even going to school has been a major challenge due to her condition,” she said.

For the 20 years they have been staying with her, they have seen a lot and the donation came as a huge relief to them.

“We have seen a lot and major challenge was a wheelchair and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Impala Car Rental for their kind gesture. This will go a long way in alleviating her challenge,” she said.

“I want to thank Impala Car Rental for coming to assist us because we have been in a difficult situation. Wheelchair and the groceries will take us somewhere,” she said.

Impala Car Rental’s brand and project manager Tracy Ngoma said they will keep on assisting the family.

“Being touched by her situation our company through Alfred Dondo Foundation has found it fit to assist. Of course, we have come with a wheelchair and groceries but we will continue to find ways of assisting her,” she said.

Source – Byo24