Hopewell Chin ‘ono caught peddling fake news

Hopewell Chin'ono
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THE National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has furiously denied reports that thieves stole a section of rail from one of its railway lines. This comes after a picture showing the missing railway line went viral on social media platforms.

The NRZ was not too happy with Zimbabwean journalist and activist, Hopewell Chin’ono for intimating that a person connected with the NRZ was behind the theft of the railway line.

Writing on Twitter, Chin’ono said, “When a railway line goes missing, it is because someone who has worked for NRZ has been involved in my view.

“Now the main question is why would a railway line be stolen? What do they use it for? Do they smelt it through melting? I am confused as why this would happen.”

The NRZ was not too happy with Chin’ono’s sentiments and gave him an earful on social media. Writing on their Twitter account, the NRZ said,

“The NRZ would like to set the record straight on the viral visual picture of stolen rail. NRZ has got no section of its network with that missing rail in Zimbabwe. We challenge the original sender of the visual or you Mr Chin’ono to tell us the place or site.

“NRZ has got track patrolman who patrol our network at every instance and what is clear is that this is a fabrication or photoshop to tarnish the NRZ family’s image and reputation. We call upon you Mr Chin’ono to toll-free to confirm with us before publishing.

“It is very sad that the journalists whom we expect to be responsible and promote development with factual stories are the ones who are peddling lies for their supper. This is our country and infrastructure which we should develop with progressive stories.”

The exchange between Chin’ono and the NRZ got heated quickly, and the person running the parastatal’s account had some choice words for the journalist.

“Comrade substantiate your allegations of looting. It’s sad that a failed journalist like yourself you still act like a novice. We do not work with allegations but focus on development going forward. We build our country by correcting our past, not rhetoric.

“Incompetence and failure seems to be part of you Mr Chin’ono because if you as a so-called journalist can not respect your own ethics by balancing your reports then you are the very poison that this country does not need now. Express your freedom ethically.”

However, cooler heads seem to have prevailed at the NRZ as most of the tweets were later deleted leaving only one. ■