Grace Mugabe, Auxilia Mnangagwa bury hatchet

Grace Mugabe and Auxilia Mnangagwa
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FORMER President Robert Mugabe’s death has all but brought together two most powerful women, former first lady Grace Mugabe and current first lady Auxilia Mnangagwa, who last met two days before the then vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa was fired from government.

At the material time Grace had launched a vitriol attack on the Mnangagwas as she pushed the then vice president’s ouster from both government and the ruling Zanu PF.

Grace had told the Zanu PF supporters in Bulawayo that the relationship between Mugabe and Mnangagwa had all but broken down. She went on a jagular and attacked Auxilia whom she also accused of entertaining “lacoste loyalist.”

A day after the Bulawayo rally Grace hammered the final nail on Mnangagwa’s coffin at Rufaro stadium when she addressed a church gathering.

Two days later Mugabe fired Mnangagwa, a move that triggered military intervention which finally led to Mugabe’s resignatiin as he faced impeachment.

The military intervention changed the political landscape resulting in Mnangagwa bouncing back to lead Zanu PF.

Since then the two women have never met until last Wednesday when Grace landed at the Robert Mugabe International Airport bringing home the remains of the former president.

Sources said when Grace shook hands with Auxilia she broke down.

She broke down and could not control her tears,” said the source.

We all wanted to hear what the two were discussing as they went to the high table.”

Grace just thanked Auxilia saying she did not expect the welcome she received.

She also thanked her for her emotional support and asked her to convey her sentiments to Mnangagwa.”

While Mnangagwa addressed hundreds of supporters at the Airport Auxilia kept on giving Grace wipers to wipe her tears away.

The two also exchanged mobile phone numbers and agreed that they will be calling each other until Mugabe is laid to rest.”

Source: Zimmorning post