From riches to rags…Woman’s fortunes disappear overnight

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Nomathemba Moyo is one woman who has been overcome with nostalgia — from her days as a powerful woman, to overnight poverty —  making her the poorest in her community.

Moyo blames her misfortune on witchcraft.

“I had it all, I had a mine which produced gold for me in 2012. Life was good, I had the cars, house and I wore the most expensive clothing — until poverty struck me overnight,’ said Moyo.

According to Moyo she prepared a feast for villagers in Nyathi when she and her family were celebrating their wealth, and she thinks she might have opened her home to the devil himself.

“We had a feast to celebrate our wealth. We invited many people from our village in Nyathi. However, I never thought that feast would be the end of my fortune. After the day of the feast it was like I had opened my home to the devil — things just changed overnight.

“My cows began to die one after the other without reason and my cars wouldn’t start. The mine produced nothing — one day I woke up to find water inside the mine and that was the end of it all,” said Moyo, sobbing hysterically.

Moyo claims to have fallen from grace and this has troubled her for some time. Her 10 children are suffering as well as they can no longer attend school due to this destitution that has befallen the family.

“I have 10 children and I can no longer take care of them. They are suffering and there is nothing I can do about it,” added Moyo.

Speaking to Privilege Muziwisa, a neighbour of Moyo said: “Something is not right in that family, something evil is brewing,” said Muziwisa.

According to Muziwisa, the Moyo family indeed had it all but overnight they lost it all.

“According to a traditional healer who visited our village there was a goblin living inside their mine, which he claimed to have removed. The traditional healer even removed a container from their mine which had a snake, some weird clothing which had a name of Moyo and her family. The cloth was also written that Moyo and her family would live in poverty until they die,” added Muziwisa.

B-Metro caught up with Moyo who confirmed the revelations.

“Yes, such revelations were made but I do not wish for them to be published please. I have people bewitching me and my family, that’s no secret. People from my village hate me — they loathe the fact that I was rich and still have the mine even after they placed their goblin there,” added Moyo.

“Please if there is anything that can be done to assist me and especially my children to finish their education then I would be grateful,” concluded Moyo.