Chissano meets Mnangagwa as country is on edge

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HARARE – Former Mozambican president Joaquim Chissano has met with the leader of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa and said the elections were held under peaceful conditions.

He said this was the message he also communicated to Mnangagwa on Saturday when they met.

“We were praying for peace, tranquillity and order. We have seen the order and patience of Zimbabweans. This is what I saw. Therefore, I congratulate the people of Zimbabwe for having sustained peace” said Chissano.

He said they were calling for peace during the elections in Zimbabwe and this is what has happened in most of the parts of the country.

He said he met Mnangagwa and told him about some of the issues raised by the people. He said Mnangagwa took note of the issues he raised.

The Citizens Coalitions for Change said attempts to disrupt their media conference were part of efforts to destabilise them.

“They may try to intimidate the citizens, summon polling officers to reopen ballot boxes without court approval, and disrupt our press conferences, they will not succeed. We will persevere under such circumstances to defend the will of the people,” said Nelson Chamisa’s CCC.

Mkwananzi was addressing the media on Saturday when he was disrupted by an unknown man.

Mnangagwa is expected to brief the media later.