Bikita Rural District Council Pursues Repossession of Unpaid Vehicle

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BIKITA – In a bid to rectify financial discrepancies, Bikita Rural District Council has taken decisive action to retrieve a Toyota GD6 reportedly taken by former chairperson Benjamin Masakadza without payment, amounting to US$12,000.

During a recent full council meeting, according to Masvingo Mirror, councillors unanimously resolved to reclaim the GD6 and house it at the council premises until Masakadza settles the outstanding amount. Masakadza’s purported acquisition of the vehicle, originally reserved for the chairman, lacked the necessary resolution to support his actions.

Finance director Never Mavhuna provided insights into the valuation process, stating, “CMED assessed both the late Chibi and Masakadza’s vehicle and valued each at US$12,000.” He further elaborated on the council’s intentions to negotiate payment terms with Masakadza, allowing for a payment plan if a lump sum settlement is unfeasible.

Mavhuna outlined additional resolutions, including the requirement for the late Chibi to offset the cost of his service vehicle, a Toyota Fortuner, by paying US$12,000. In turn, the council would reimburse Chibi with a gratuity of US$4,000.

Furthermore, the council has decided to repurpose six Toyota GD6 vehicles, originally allocated to individual managers and registered in their names, as pool cars with immediate effect.

The decision to reclaim assets and streamline vehicle allocation underscores the council’s commitment to fiscal responsibility amidst financial challenges. Bikita Rural District Council, grappling with declining service delivery and salary payment difficulties, aims to restore financial stability through proactive measures.