Bid to recover body of man who fell into Vic Falls gorge hits snag

Precarious… Last picture of George Tinashe Dikinya, 40, before he slipped and tumbled into the deep Vic Falls gorge on New Year’s day. (Pic credit: The News Hawks)
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VICTORIA FALLS – Slippery and rugged conditions are hampering efforts to retrieve the body of a man who slipped into the 108-meter-deep Victoria Falls gorge on New Year’s Day.

Roy George Tinashe Dikinya, 40, was on holiday with his family when he tumbled down the cliff.

His severed body parts were located in a precarious spot some 100 meters deep on Saturday, and 24 hours later recovery efforts were still underway – with no success.

“It is difficult to retrieve the body,” Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority (ZimParks) spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said.

“We are doing our best, it’s slippery down there and it’s always raining, it’s very difficult.

“And it’s not even the whole body. Our teams spotted some body parts, by the way, the guy fell 100 meters down, and unfortunately, he hit some rocks.

“The place is just not accessible. But we are doing our best and our rescue teams are devising ways of retrieving the body,” said Farawo.

The exact circumstances surrounding the fatal accident remain sketchy, with the police yet to offer full details.

A South African tourist also died a few years ago after slipping into the waterfalls.