It may be considered as unfaithfulness

Whilst other couples are totally fine with their partners flirting, others consider this as a dealbreaker – different strokes for different folks. If you’re honestly content with you relationship, there should be no reason for you entertain such. For obvious reasons, your partner might feel betrayed.

Less attention for your partner

Flirting is exciting and often we tend to ignore our significant others when we’re getting some attention elsewhere. Dedicating less time for your partner will affect the overall health of your union and intimacy.

You’ll have second thoughts

Hearing sweet nothings from another person might make you have second thoughts about your current partner. This will give you an opportunity to see how another person would treat you if you were to date; all of sudden your partner will seem not good enough.

Stalker mode activated

Chances are your partner knows you and how you interact with  people on social media. He’ll definitely notice a change in your behaviour which can lead him to start snooping through your messages.

The urge to be with someone else

Social media flirting has a way of creating thoughts in your head. One of the thoughts include imagining how you’d look as a couple with the person you’re flirting with. Eventually this has a potential of building emotional connection.

Less excitement for your relationship

You don’t stop flirting with your partner once you start dating. The naughty little gestures you used to do will be put on hold and a gap will definitely be felt. Because you’re getting all the excitement online you won’t see the point of putting in the effort anymore.  – W24