Picking fights

Some parents do this subconsciously, while others do it intentionally. Regardless, they need to be made aware of how this is negatively affecting your relationship. Assure your parents that should this behaviour continue you might have to see less of them than you would like.

Not liking your partner

There’s no compromise when it comes to this. Your partner is someone you see potential in and are willing to spend the rest of your life with so you need to stand up for them no matter what. They might give you grief about this but if you’re firm, in due time they’ll learn to love and support your union.

Questioning your choices

Your choice in men won’t be the same as your mother and she needs to be made aware that it’s okay.  Who you choose to date is all on you.  All you need from your parents is support not criticism.

Frequently popping in

A week doesn’t go by without one of your parents ‘being in the neighborhood’ and stopping by. It’s almost as if they’re keeping tabs on you and don’t trust you to be alone with your partner. Very calmly, sit your parents down and let them know you need some privacy and they should communicate before pitching at your door.

Set boundaries

The only way your parents will fully get the picture is if and when you set ground rules.  At first they believed they could get away with disrespecting your relationship because there were never any boundaries. Give them time to process the rules you’ve set in place and be ready to see a change in behaviour.  – W24