Talking on his late-night show Noah said: “Wow! People are so angry they’re burning their own shoes? You do realise Nike already has your money? They already have your money. You are only hurting yourself.”

Noah also highlighted how brands are increasingly taking political stands, and consumers won’t see it coming.

“All I know is, it’s only a matter of time before we ask as many questions about the politics of a product, as the product itself. It will be us walking into stores, with the service guy coming up like, ‘Hey buddy, can I help you with anything?’. ‘Yeah, I would really like to buy this toaster but, first, what is its views on abortion?” he joked.

Other celebrities have also expressed their support for Kaepernick, either by retweeting the ad or sharing the #ImWithKap, #JustDoIt and #TeamNike hashtags. Those who have shown their support by sharing Kaepernick’s ad on their social media pages include Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Peretti, Roxane Gay and Zendaya.

Kaepernick became well-known for his take a knee protest during NFL games in 2016, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and to protest police brutality in the US.