Lionel Messi recalls ‘massive disappointment’ of PSG Champions League woes

Argentina’s Lionel Messi greets fans in his home country. Photo: AFP Stringer
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Paris —Lionel Messi has described his start at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) as “very tough” and expressed his disappointment at the team’s failure to win the UEFA Champions League in two consecutive seasons.

In an interview with beIN Sports, Messi stated that his decision to join PSG was influenced by his liking for the club and having friends in the dressing room, which he believed would make it easier for him to adapt.

However, he admitted that the adaptation process was much harder than he anticipated due to a new game plan, new teammates, and a new city. Messi joined PSG in the summer of 2021 after spending 17 seasons at Barcelona but will now be heading to Inter Miami in the MLS after leaving the French capital.

Messi’s first season at PSG was further complicated by contracting COVID-19 during the winter break in Argentina, which resulted in a month-long period of absence. He mentioned that it took time for him to regain his physical form.

Additionally, the 2022 World Cup, which Messi won with Argentina, took its toll on him and other players, affecting their return and causing injuries.

The Argentine footballer acknowledged that the Champions League defeats against Real Madrid in 2022 and Bayern Munich this season were a “massive disappointment.” He also mentioned that some sections of PSG fans turned on him, whistling at him from the stands. While Messi stated that he initially received a lot of encouragement from the fans, he acknowledged a rupture with a part of the Parisian fanbase.

Despite the challenges and disappointment, Messi expressed gratitude for his time at PSG and the support he received from the majority of fans.