Mwazha remains African Apostolic leader

Archbishop Ernest Paul Mamvura Mwazha
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The High Court has brought finality to the leadership issue in the African Apostolic Church led by Archbishop Paul Mwazha.

The church press secretary, Reverend Wilson Rutsate presented the judgment at a media briefing in Harare this Wednesday.

“During this week, the High Court of Zimbabwe in a judgment delivered by Justice Chitapi, brought clarity and direction to the dispute that was now obtaining.

“Accordingly, the court saw through the false claims that Bishop Alfred Kushamisa Mwazha had been appointed successor to ArchBishop Ernest Paul Mamvura Mwazha through Evangelist Kasima’s note which recognised him as the eldest son.

“This has been distorted to read as if he had been appointed as leader of the church. The court refused to have wool thrown over its eyes by false claims of this group and rightly pointed out that if the ArchBishop had intended to appoint him, he would have done so categorically and written openly to support this appointment.

“As such since this is a false appointment, and was declared null and void, nothing that was done by Bishop Alfred Kushamisa Mwazha is recognised. The successor will be named and appointed within the confines of the church doctrine and the constitution.”