Madzibaba rounds up the mentally challenged

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GWERU – There was drama in the Gweru central business district early this week when an Apostolic sect leader rounded up mentally challenged men on the streets.

He forced them into an open truck then drove to his shrine in a camping which he has code named: “Operation heal the mentally challenged” at an open area near Mkoba Teachers’ College.

Micky Mahove, popularly known as Madzibaba Beswage, brought business to a brief standstill as passersby and motorists stopped to catch a glimpse of the drama-filled incident.

Before rounding-up the blitz, Madzibaba Beswage paraded another smartly dressed man who he claimed was born again after he was taken off the streets when the exercise started last week.

“I was staying along Third Street here but I thank Madzibaba (Beswage) for the prayers. I am a normal man now,” claimed the man in his testimony.

Madzibaba Beswage led from the front with four other sect members donning their white gowns in pursuit.

They bundled an unsuspecting mentally challenged man going about his rounds near the Midlands Hotel.

The dreadlocked man tried in vain to “free” himself but they were too strong for him.

“Maiwee ndisiyei mhani mbavha! Ndakutadzirai chiiko? Siyanai neni handisi mbavha (Leave me alone you thieves.

What have I done wrong? I am not a thief),” shouted one of the allegedly mentally challenged as he tried to resist the prophet’s “bouncers” who dragged him to their truck.

Some of the allegedly mentally challenged already in the truck managed to escape.

At the end of the operation the prophet and his gang only went off with three mentally challenged people.

Reporters followed the proceedings to the shrine situated in an open area near the Mkoba Teachers College.

At the shrine the three captured men looked disoriented and the prophet vowed to pray for them for days before releasing them to the world.

“I will pray for them for days and I am confident they will be delivered. Men of God are always inspired by the Holy Spirit. In this case I was instructed to do a cleansing ceremony in the city and I am randomly selecting the mentally challenged,” said Madzibaba Beswage.

He said when healed they would go back to the streets to share their story.

“After healing I want them to go back to the streets and testify for themselves. This operation is on-going and I hope to have cleared all mentally challenged men on Gweru streets by the end of October,” he said.

– B-Metro