Woman beats ex-hubby for being with other women

A MAN from Bulawayo’s New Magwegwe suburb no longer has peace in his life.

His ex-wife beats him up whenever she spots him in the company of women. Maxwell Magaruwa will live to curse the day he fell in love with Lubelihle Mdlongwa.

The two parted ways after being customarily married for one-and-a-half years. They reportedly failed to solve their marital problems.

Unfortunately despite going separate ways, they are neighbours and always meet resulting in fights.

“I was customarily married to Lubelihle and we have a child together. After our separation in January 2017, she always assaults me and I have never reported her to the police.

“We stay close to each other so when she gets drunk, she always beats me up,” said Magaruwa.

However, Mdlongwa disputed the allegations saying they would be fighting.

“He is not telling the truth because we will be fighting. He provokes me by bringing women close to my house and there is one time I confronted and slapped him.

“At times he follows me to my house resulting in a fight and does not want to support the child,” said Mdlongwa.

It was one’s word against the other as they played the blame game in court and magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order in favour of the applicant and Mdlongwa was ordered not to physically and verbally abuse him. – B-Metro

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