False promise of marriage blues for prophet

Prophet Clint
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LIAR, liar, pants on fire!

Prophet Clint of The Healing Word International Ministries has been exposed as a liar who failed to keep his marriage promise when he dumped his lover after discovering that she was pregnant.

Clint Tonga is a popular Zvishavane prophet and he has been dragged to court by his ex-lover Catchrine Kessina Mahobela suing him for $10 000.

According to sources close to the couple, Mahobela is claiming $5 000 for the breach of promise to marry and $5 000 in seduction damages.

The disappointed woman claims that Prophet Clint wasted her time as he had promised to marry her, but later changed his mind.

It is reported that Prophet Clint shifted goal posts after the woman had refused to terminate her pregnancy.

However, Prophet Clint reportedly dismissed Mahobela’s claims saying he never promised to marry her as their relationship never reached that level.

He claims the woman was not wife material as she allegedly had a number of lovers meaning she was unfaithful and a liar.

It seems the tables will turn on the woman as Prophet Clint is dismissing the pregnancy issue saying that the woman was just desperate for marriage and she rushed to his parents in a bid to force her way to marriage.

Only final judgment will see who will have the last laugh as Prophet Clint is also claiming $10 000 from Mahobela over her public utterances which he says embarrassed and injured his dignity.

The matter was postponed to 27 April.