35-year-old Zimbabwean prophet has 30 wives, 23 children (VIDEO)

Johanne Marange prophet in Marondera, Prophet Ezekiel Chikoto
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A 35-year-old Johanne Marange prophet in Marondera, Prophet Ezekiel Chikoto, lives with his 30 wives and 23 children, and shares a single shallow well for water with dozens other church members.

Chikoto recently told a ZBC news crew as well as the local area Covid-19 taskforce that he is unmoved by the coronavirus as it won’t touch his family.

At his shrine were 43 tents housing more than 60 sick church members and expecting mothers and 53 family members who were all using one shallow well.

The Marondera District Covid-19 taskforce visited the shrine on a fact finding mission to assess the risk of the spread of Covid-19 at the shrine.

Chikoto says he is not alarmed by the coronavirus as he says it was prophesied by their leader in 1957 and it will not affect their members.

Chirwere ichi hachitiwani, ndikakupai vanhu vese ava kuti muTeste hapana wamunobata anacho. Zvakaonekwa 1957, pava ne 63 years. (We will not contract this disease. You will not find any positive case even if i allow you to test everyone here).

“At first we thought it was HIV / AIDS but our leader told us the pandemic is near us. We are talking about a disease that has shocked the world,” Chikoto said.

There are two similar shrines where a similar arrangement is taking place.

The government is worried about the disobeying of social distancing at the church.

The shrine also lacks protective clothing and medical supplies for surgical operations.

Watch the video below: