Woman threatens ex-lover with false rape

Themba Ngoma and Thembela Mpofu
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A Bulawayo man is living in fear of his ex-lover who is allegedly driven by revenge and supposedly wants to “fix” him by making spurious allegations that he raped her allegedly as punishment for ending their relationship.

Themba Ngoma from New Lobengula is afraid of a wrongful jail time at the instigation of his ex-lover Thembela Mpofu who is reportedly threatening him with false rape accusations.

Ngoma also claimed Mpofu once made a false report to one of the church pastors that he impregnated her before giving her a pill to induce abortion.

In a bid to stop his ex-lover from pestering him with false accusations, last Friday Ngoma approached the civil court seeking a protection order against her.

“I want to apply for a protection order against my ex-girlfriend Thembela Mpofu. She is constantly threatening and harassing me by sending me abusive text messages. She is also publicly shouting at me and attacking my female colleagues.

“She is also making false accusations that I raped her. She also threatened to beat up every girl she would see me with.

She once made a false report to one of the pastors at our church that I had impregnated her and gave her a pill to abort, something I never did,” said Ngoma.

Ngoma who wants to peacefully move on with his life said Mpofu once forced herself into his car and started insulting him.

Mpofu admitted to threatening her ex-lover with false rape accusations but she said she made the threats once and on the first day they had sexual intercourse.

“It was on the first day we slept together that I made those allegations that he had raped me,” said Mpofu.

She, however, disputed the allegations that she was harassing Ngoma’s female friends.

“I have never made any threats to attack his female friends. On the day he claimed I forced myself into his car what happened is that he sent me a WhatsApp message inviting me to where he was saying he was hungry.

“When I got there and went into his car he forcibly grabbed my phone and tried to lock me inside before he also attempted to speed off. I have a letter from the doctor to prove that my hand was injured during that scuffle.”

For the purpose of maintaining peace between the two parties presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga granted a reciprocal order which compels both parties not to verbally, emotionally and physically abuse each other.