Woman killed for blocking hubby’s bid for 2nd wife

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WHEN she refused to clear him to marry a second wife, he lost his cool and killed her.

Sihle Murizigwa is one woman who died sticking by her word as her husband beat her to death for refusing to bless him and his newly found lover.

Murizigwa’s husband Burayaui Moyo (55) kept the deceased’s body in the house for three days praying for a miracle which never happened.

He was left with no choice, but to alert relatives about what transpired.

The relatives found Murizigwa’s body in a decomposing state and reported the matter to police, leading to the accused’s arrest.

Moyo was hauled before Masvingo provincial magistrate Langton Ndokera facing a murder charge and was remanded in custody to 5 January. Prosecuting, Willard Chasi told the court that on 25 November, Moyo informed his wife that he had found another woman whom he intended to marry as a second wife.

It seems the woman never supported the idea and a misunderstanding arose after she had told him that she was not supporting him in marrying the other woman.

Moyo, in a bid to influence the late to change her mind, took a Mopani switch and assaulted her all over the body.

Unfortunately, Murizigwa maintained her word despite realising that her life was in danger and Moyo’s efforts to force her to change her mind hit a brick wall.

He continued beating her and only stopped after realising she was no longer crying and upon checking on her, realised she had died.

In fear of the long arm of the law, he decided to keep the woman’s death issue to himself by locking the corpse in one of the rooms.

Three days later, he failed to contain the smell and his children’s unending questions concerning the whereabouts of their mother forced him to inform relatives about the incident.