Suicide after sex with brother’s wife

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A Binga man committed suicide after he was found in bed with his brother’s wife.

Gerald Mpande had an affair with Prisca Nkomo, the wife of his blood brother Bruce.

Bruce got the shock of his life when he returned home unexpectedly to find the two lovers in bed.

This led to a confrontation between the brothers and Gerald admitted to the adulterous affair. He then disappeared before he was found the following morning hanging in his brother’s kitchen.

Nkomo regrets her actions that led to the death of her brother-in-law.

“Yes, I was in a relationship with my husband’s brother Gerald. We had been having this relationship for a long time behind his back but it was not meant to end this way,” said Nkomo.

Denis Ndlovu who had been tasked to handle the brothers’ issue expressed grief.

“As an elder in the family, I was alerted of this illicit affair between Gerald and MaNkomo. I asked them not to take matters into their own hands and we would hold a meeting to try and come up with a solution the following day. But the day never came to be because we woke up to more sad news of Gerald’s death,” he said.

Bruce declined comment.

The headman of the area, Elvis Mudimba confirmed the incident.

“We are all shocked and short of words. I heard about the incident but I don’t have much detail,” said Mudimba.