Woman attacks ex-husband’s new girlfriend

Mandipa Masuku
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DIVORCE can never be an easy thing, especially with children involved. There are hurt feelings, bruised egos, and questions swirling about who is at fault.

It makes it incredibly tough for both spouses to move on with their lives. It’s even tougher when a woman learns that her ex-husband has a new girlfriend in his life.

That is what happened when a woman filed a restraining order against her “new” boyfriend’s ex-wife alleging that she is “terrified” and “in grave fear” for her safety.

In the restraining order obtained by B-Metro Mandipa Masuku from Bulawayo’s Malindela suburb claimed her new boyfriend Pride Siphambili’s ex-wife Itai Munyongo allegedly went into a rage when she found out she was now dating Siphambili.

“I am the applicant in this matter and currently in a relationship with Pride Siphambili of Chinotimba, Victoria Falls. The respondent is Itai Munyongo and she is my boyfriend’s ex-wife,” said Masuku.

Itai Munyongo

She claimed Munyongo has been harassing her despite the fact that she has been on separation with Siphambili for over a year now.

“Upon discovering our relationship (with Pride Siphambili) sometime in January this year, she started insulting and threatening me. She continuously calls even at odd hours.

“On 23 February she also came to my workplace and caused a scene when she attempted to hit me with a brick. I therefore pray that the court should protect me by granting a peace order against her,” pleaded Masuku.

Munyongo who is apparently not accepting that Siphambili had divorced her, didn’t refute her rival’s accusations. She said she was hurt that that Masuku “stole” her husband.

“I am not opposed to her application, save to state that applicant took my husband when I was married to him. The reason why I was phoning her is because I was hurt,” she tersely said.

In her judgment presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu ordered Munyongo not to verbally abuse Masuku and visit her workplace as well as not to contact her on her mobile phone. – B-Metro