Wife who burst in on hubby’s wedding speaks out

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The woman who recently caused drama at the Bulawayo magistrates’ courts when she burst in on her husband’s secret wedding with another woman has broken her silence on her husband’s alleged secret rendezvous, calling it “a great betrayal that left her heart in a million pieces”.

In the stun and shock of everything, Francisca Ncube (36) from Gokwe, who stormed into the wedding room moments before her husband Future Mbiba (36) exchanged vows with Pretty Tshuma (37) said the “scandal” caught her by surprise.

Ncube, who was at their rural home in Gokwe, allegedly received a tip-off from her relatives that her husband who is reportedly a gold panner, was getting married at court and she decided to attend. 

This was after Mbiba who was co-habiting with Tshuma lied to her that he had divorced his wife with whom he had three children.

In her anger Ncube endured the embarrassment because her children were reportedly hungry when their father had spent a lot of money preparing for a lavish wedding with another woman.

In a telephone interview with B-Metro, a heartbroken and devastated Ncube said she last “saw” her husband six months ago before she heard of his secret wedding.

She said after receiving the news she was hurt beyond belief.

“I can’t believe this happened to me, the pain is unbearable. I spent nearly two decades of my life with my husband, just to watch him walk away like that was not easy and that is why I travelled all the way from Gokwe to stop the wedding. I was absolutely devastated and felt so betrayed.

“I pray for the day to come when I don’t wake up feeling this huge anchor on my chest, the day where he (Mbiba) is a distant memory,” said Ncube.

Ncube said although her marriage was not rosy, she kept hoping that Mbiba was going to change. She, however, insisted that her marriage to Mbiba still subsisted because he had not given her a token of divorce or done the formal customary procedure to annul their union.

Added Ncube: “I am also going to sue him for maintenance since he is no longer supporting his children.”

On the day she stopped the wedding, Ncube declared that she would not allow her husband to marry another woman while she was still alive.

Mbiba who left the court with his tail between his legs agreed that the wedding should be called off.