‘My wife is a monster’ . . . Man seeks protection from violent ‘Houdini’ wife

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WHEN Simon Moyo married Elizabeth Ndlovu about 15 years ago he thought he scooped a hot one but today he has a different viewpoint.
He said his wife was in the habit of disappearing from home for some days and whenever he asks about her whereabouts she turns violent.

It has got to a point that he wants nothing to do with her.

The details of Moyo’s life between a rock and a hard place unfolded on Friday last week at the Bulawayo Civil Court where he sought a protection order.

“I am customarily married to Elizabeth Ndlovu. She sought a protection order against me in 2016. After the protection order was granted in her favour she became violent and started abusing me.

“She is hardly at home and she would go away for some days without telling me where she would be going. She once disappeared from home and came back after four days. Whenever I asked her where she had been, she would assault me while boasting that she would report me to the police for breaching her protection order,” narrated a devastated Moyo.

He added: “She once chased me out of the house and when I moved out she followed me and assaulted me.”

In response, Ndlovu said she fled from home because her husband was sexually abusing her.

“He is always forcing me in bed. The days he claimed I would have disappeared from home I would be at my sister’s place,” she said.

But Moyo refuted the sexual abuse allegations saying it was almost five years since he last poked Ndlovu.

Ndlovu was, however, ordered by the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya not to physically, verbally and emotionally abuse her husband.