Condom odour outs cheating woman

A cheating woman from Chivi who arrived home from a late night sex romp with her boyfriend was reportedly sold out by the “after sex” smell and condom odour that was allegedly sniffed out from her privates by her husband.

It is reported that Sarudzai Mutamba from Vuranda Village under Chief Madamombe failed to give satisfactory reasons to her husband Garikai Mhindo when he asked about the source of the alleged post-romp smell.

Angered by the stench, Mhindo reportedly hit his wife with a sjambok and fists all over the body until she confessed that the odour was a result of a sexual act with her married lover Abraham Makombe.

Neighbours reportedly intervened but were unable to calm the situation, Chief Madamombe whose jurisdiction the estranged couple’s area falls under, was not available for comment, a source close to the family confirmed the incident.

The source said before Mhindo busted his wife, she had been all along acting suspiciously and at one time he reportedly found unexplained stains in her pants.

“After reporting home late (Mutamba) her husband who had been suspicious that she was cheating on him was proved right on that night. What happened is that he didn’t give her a chance to bath when he quickly called her to their bedroom hut.

“When Mhindo was about to make love a strong ‘after sex’ and condom smell from his wife greeted him. When he asked her about the origins of the smell the already panicking wife could not give a satisfactory explanation thereby inviting her husband’s anger,” a source who requested strict anonymity told B-Metro.

The source said seething with anger, Mhindo bashed his wife with fists and a sjambok leading her to confess that she had a nice time with her boyfriend.

“Mhindo who seems to know his wife’s ‘normal’ scent was able to tell that something was wrong on that particular night,” added the source.

Mhindo who has since reportedly approached Chief Madamombe to dissolve his marriage on the grounds of prostitution and adultery refused to entertain the Press when contacted for comment.

“My marital problems are none of your business and what do you benefit from them?” charged Mhindo before he hung up his phone.

According to online studies if a vagina gives off a strong, fishy odour that smells foul, especially after sex, chances are high that the woman is suffering from an infection.

If the smell increases right after sex, or it’s accompanied by an increase in discharge, it could be bacterial vaginosis, a condition marked by an overgrowth of bacteria that upsets the vagina’s delicate PH balance, which can be cleared up with antibiotics.

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