When love turns sour

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A JILTED Chikanga man yesterday dragged his former girlfriend to court demanding reimbursement of the US$50 he had given her to start a business during the subsistence of their relationship.

Now that the relationship has irretrievably broken down, Allen Chivesu wants Tatenda Kureya to pay back the money.

Mutare magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo, presided over the matter.

Chivesu told the court that he was abandoning the idea to start a business together as their relationship had collapsed.

“Your worship, I had given her US$50 as capital to start a business when our relationship was still rosy. However, things have turned sour and I pray that this court grants me the order to get my money back,” said Chivesu.

He said efforts to recover the money have been met with harassment by Kureya’s family.

Chivesu produced to the courts as evidence a written agreement between them which spelt out that Kureya would pay back when the business blossomed.

However, Kureya denied ever agreeing to give back the money.

“He gave me the money when we were still seeing each other. During that time he would talk about upgrading me, which is the reason he gave me the money to start a business,” Kureya said.

She acknowledged signing some papers with her estranged boyfriend.

“As far as I know, those papers were not for the purposes of reimbursing him the money. I am actually surprised that he has brought the issue before this court because he knows I used the money for the intended purpose of starting a business but it did not take off. I cannot get the money to pay him back,” she added tearfully.

Ms Gumbo, however, ordered Kureya to pay back the money.

“Why did you get into signing something you did not understand? Maybe the love was still sweet at the time, but since it has turned sour you are obliged to pay him back because you are bound by that agreement you signed,” she said. – Manica Post