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Motorist robbed, dumped at Dangamvura cemetery

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THREE robbers attacked a Mutare motorist and stole his vehicle before dumping him at Dangamvura Cemetery.

One of the suspects, Hazvineyi Tambara (36), has since been arrested after being found in possession of the stolen vehicle and the stun torch used in committing the offence.

Tambara’s accomplices — Tinashe Gondo and Lloyd Chikanga — are still at large.

Tambara has since been hauled before the courts and was not asked to plead to two counts of robbery when he appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Prisca Manhibi.

Tambara denied both charges.

Mr Talent Nyamuzuwa represented the State. Mr Nyamuzuwa said on January 6, Tambara, Gondo and Chikanga hatched a plan to rob motorists.

They went to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital to waylay motorists.

The trio approached Terrence Mutunami and pretended to be genuine passengers.

Mutumani picked the three men and departed for Mutasa.

“Upon arrival at DC Mutasa, one of the three men requested for a recess and Mutumani stopped the vehicle. Just as he parked the vehicle, Tambara grabbed him by the neck and pulled him to the back seat. They demanded money from Mutunami and he surrendered US$15. Gondo took over the vehicle and drove it back to Mutare.

“As they were driving back, Tambara cut the seat belt and used it to tie Mutunami’s hands and legs together. After reaching Mutare, they dumped Mutunami at Dangamvura Cemetery before driving off.

“Mutunami, however, managed to untie himself and proceeded to make a police report at Dangamvura Police Station,” said Mr Nyamuzuwa.

Tambara and his accomplices drove to Odzi where they approached Tinashe Chimene at his homestead as they pretended to be stranded motorists who needed some petrol.

“They knocked on his door and when Chimene came out, Gondo is alleged to have produced a pistol and pointed it at him while demanding money. Chikanga produced a stun torch and tortured Chimene all over the body. They force-marched him into his bedroom and ransacked the room. They stole US$150.

“They also drained 20 litres of petrol from Chimene’s vehicle before leaving. Chimene reported the matter at Odzi Police Station,” said Mr Nyamuzuwa.

Tambara was arrested in Mutare last week as he was in possession of the stolen vehicle.

A manhunt has since been launched for Gondo and Chikanga who are still on the run.

The value of the stolen property was US$4 180 and US$4 000 has been recovered. – Manica Post