‘Sugar daddy’ turns into monster

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FROM regular sugar daddy to live-in abusive sex machine!

Suddenly Rosemary Ndlovu (28) can’t handle the demands of Mike Nyathi (66). She moved into Nyathi’s Suburbs house in Bulawayo as a 21-year-old some years back. Her hopes and dreams were to eventually become the then 59-year-old man’s wife.

Rosemary Ndlovu

Rosemary Ndlovu

Today, things have changed, he has allegedly become a monster and she wants to hit the road.

“He has physically abused me on several occasions, the reason being that I should be submissive to him. He also says I am a prostitute.

“As if that’s not enough, he is also in the habit of forcing himself on me and when I refuse he would beat me up.

When I told him that I was no longer interested in the relationship he threatened to kill me,” said Ndlovu in court while adding that she’s too young to live a miserable life.

But Nyathi laughed off the accusations. Instead, he is of the view that his young woman has found a younger lover.

“We only had a misunderstanding after I discovered she had another boyfriend and she’s no longer coming home. I don’t know where she now stays,” said Nyathi.

In her ruling the magistrate however, ordered Nyathi not to verbally and physically harass Ndlovu or go to her residence. – B-Metro