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Rape-accused man with breasts scared of jail

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A 2012 rape accused fugitive meant to stand trial in 2013 has finally been arrested but fears he could be “special meat” behind bars.

William Mukuku (39) since then developed “c cup”breasts that could arguably be more attractive than some women’s. As such, he can’t stand the possibility of being fondled by sex-hungry inmates.

A police source close to the matter told B-Metro that Mukuku made the out of jail plea when the net finally closed on him.

“He pleaded with the police saying he is sick and showed them the breasts,” said the source.

Mukuku allegedly told the police that the breasts were probably because he had been evading arrest for some time.

However, scientifically the breast development is usually because of factors such as hormonal imbalances which are a result of some medicinal side effects.

According to court documents Mukuku first appeared in court on November 26, 2012 and the trial date was set for July 1, 2013. He had been on the run since then. He stands accused of raping an eight-year-old.

Sodomy is prevalent in prisons — both as willing and non-willing inmates.

In 2015, Obert Sibanda a Khami Maximum Prison inmate was reported to have made life difficult for two fellow criminals.

His deeds were discovered when one of his victims was sodomised to an extent of failing to do his daily chores the next morning.

There is no telling what an inmate with real breasts could stir up! – B-Metro