No love for broke lover!

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SYDNEY Nyoni from Cowdray Park suburb in Bulawayo is a heartbroken man.

His longtime lover Sinikiwe Nyoni is in the habit of bringing her other boyfriend home to “entertain” her and even in his presence.

The unemployed Sydney said he loves Sinikiwe but she took his love for granted through her disobedient behavior of bringing another man to their lodgings.

Sinikiwe Nyoni

Sinikiwe Nyoni

Sydney’s sad love story came to light in a matter in which he was sued for verbal and physical abuse by his lover at the Bulawayo Civil Court.

“I want to apologise to my lover for what I did to her. She has been good to me until she started her cheating ways recently. She doesn’t respect me as she brings her boyfriend home for me to see. I’m really hurt,” said Sydney while responding to Sinikiwe’s accusations that he was in the habit of verbally and physically abusing whenever he was drunk.

“I am cohabiting with Sydney Nyoni and we have one minor child together. Sydney is a drunkard and he is always coming home drunk and starts harassing me. He verbally and physically abuses me and at times he locks me outside during the night.

“He is also economically abusing me as he does not even buy food and pay rentals. I am the one who is making sure that there is food in the house and that the rentals have been paid,” said Sinikiwe.

She begged the magistrate to grant her a protection order against her lover saying she was fed up of his abusive behavior.

Sinikiwe’s prayers were answered when the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure granted an order in which she ordered Sydney not to verbally and physically harass her.

After the ruling a seemingly livid Sydney said he had no problem with the order as he had decided to move on with his life. – B-Metro